Change versus Status Quo


The two conventions and the crowd pleasing rhetoric has ended. We now see clear differences in the two philosophies.
The State and National Politics have to change.
The People must benefit from their elected representation. The lobbyists and special interests should not benefit except to the extent it helps the majority of our people. That decision
from our elected officials should be based on our society’s collective need.

The war, we didn’t have to enter in Iraq, provides an example of the leadership we get when we elect “our beer drinking buddy” to a public office of great responsibility.

The examples of representation we’ve seen in the past 8 years’ smacks of greed, avarice and personal gratification.

The monumental deficit and debt will cause our great- grandchildren to be paying and sacrificing just to survive. The debt, primarily caused by the Iraqi situation, has contributed to many problems not covered well by the media. For example, we seldom hear how much inflation is increasing or the value of our Dollar now. Incidentally, the Democrats have only been in control of the Congress for one year and still don’t have a
veto proof majority. This means good “people” programs can still be vetoed by Bush.

All of these are directly related to our spending and our well being as a nation and a state. We haven’t had a national balanced budget since Clinton was President. Why aren’t we getting daily reports about what our dollar is worth and what our inflation rate is?  Perhaps, we should all ponder if certain influences in government don’t want us to know because of the repercussion it could have on their friends.

Voters have to become better informed, and that doesn’t mean getting our information at a local bar or of some blog that hasn’t been checked out for accuracy. Information on the internet is available at the flip of a switch; yet I get false information daily.



I wasn’t at either convention but I did listen and
watch some of each one. I was somewhat skeptical of comments made by Palin and Mcain. I was particularly amazed and shocked at the                  Republican vice Presidential choice.                 
As a result, the associated press writers’ article by Jim Kuhnhenn is of special interest.

According to the Associated Press Writer Palins’ remarks about wasteful spending are not accurate. According to Mr. Kuhnhenn, Ms Palin traveled to Washington and asked for $27 million for her little town, hired a lobbyist and Alaska received $750 million in earmarks from the federal budget. While Palin notes she rejected plans to build the $398 million Bridge from Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents and an airport, that opposition came only after the plan was ridiculed nationally as a “bridge to nowhere.”
The truth eventually comes out. How many times have we been told false information during this past 8 years? It is time we changed officials and demanded the truth from our Governments. The media needs to trust but verify as well.

It seems that it has perverted our State as well.
Look what Jetton, Blunt and Kinder have accomplished. In this column there is only room for one unbearable situation. That is the dismantling of the MOHELA college loan program. It is apparently now going broke or nearly in bankruptcy because of Blunt, Kinder, Jetton, and Gibbons with the complicity of the Missouri Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives.

In summary many of the people conversing about the current situation in our state and nation find it appalling. Never in history have we been lied to or had so many constitutional rights taken from us. It reminds me of the Third Reich that my parents and grandparents spoke about.

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