The Vice Presidential Debates


The debate between Palin and Biden was
interesting to say the least.
The hype that the networks applied to
 this was extraordinary. There was
conjecture about how Senator Biden would
need to be careful about his debate
 This was commentary about how Joe Biden, a U S Senator of 30 plus years, was to take care not to aggravate female viewers.
I thought we were interviewing a potential
employee for a leadership role in this country and in the world and a highly paid executive for our nation.
It seems to me when someone is seeking one of the most important jobs in the world
it is only fitting the person be held equally responsible to all others applying for the
same job. How can we hold people accountable for their actions and what they
say if we have a double standard? If the
ladies in our society want to receive equal
pay, the format and criteria should be the
same for all.
The debate format seemed eschewed to
me. The opportunity for both to be
forthright and specific about the issues was readily apparent. Senator Biden gave knowledgeable and specific answers
and it was extremely evident that
Governor Palin had been well coached.
She gave rehearsed and rhetorical answers.


Did she do better than with the CBS
interview?  Of course she did. The
impressions left were: an inappropriate lack
of knowledge and the inability to address
the issues with sufficient background and information.
How can we be expected to put someone
with a narrow focus and background in
the Office of Vice President of the United
States of America?
You will be the judge and jury.

We, in the USA, are currently in the grip of
the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. It will take all the energy and expertise available to solve our nation’s
problems, not to mention the world’s
Foreign Policy is another problem here. 
Governor Palin’s answer is; “I can see Russia from my window”. I hardly think we will
solve worldly problems with a flippant


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