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Former Senator Jerry Howard
(District 25 )

Education and Interests
Awards Received

Legislative Accomplishments:

     Born March 28, 1936, in Oak Ridge, Missouri, Jerry Howard graduated from Cape Girardeau Central High School and Southeast Missouri State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Agriculture and Biology minors in Chemistry and History.
     Mr. and Mrs. Howard, (Shirla Rathjen McFaddin), have five children. He works in agribusiness and horse breeding, and owns the small businesses of Rural Resources and Jerry Howard.Com. Mr. Howard served in the US Army during the Korean War, and served in the Missouri National Guard for 16 years where he achieved the rank of 1st Lieutennant and received an honorable discharge. He served on the Southern Governor's Conference Board and the Regional Project on Infant Mortality. Mr. Howard's current address is PO Box 279, Dexter, MO 63841.
     Mr. Howard is a member of:
  • Methodist Church
  • Elks
  • AF & AM
  • Scottish Rite
  • Moolah Temple A.A.O.N.M.S.
  • American Legion

He was elected to the House in 1972-1976, 1987 (special election), 1988-1990 and elected to the Senate in 1990 (special election), 1992 and 1996.

Mr. Howard is the recipient of the
2000 Alumni Merit Award
presented by Southeast Missouri State University

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Education and Interests:

1960 Southeast Missouri State University, Bachelor of Science
Majors: Agriculture and Biology
Minors: Chemistry and History
1953 Graduate of Central High School, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Interests: Family, reading, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and gardening

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Awards Received:

October 2000: Received Class of 1961 Distinguished Alumni Award by Southeast Missouri State University

March 28, 2000: Received Leadership Award on behalf of 100,000 Missourians and their families suffering with Alzheimer's disease. Presented by the Alzheimer Association.

September 1999: Distinguished Service Award for leadership and support in promoting a full range of services for Missouri's elderly; Presented by Missouri AHA.

1997-98 Citizen of the Year Award: Presented by the Dexter Elks Lodge.

May 2, 1998: received SED Award for improving the lives of Missouri's Children with Severe Emotional Disorders (SED). Presented by the Missouri Statewide Parent Advisory Network.

1998: Received Legislator of the Year Award from Missouri mental Health Consumer Network in recognition of dedication toward the empowerment of Missouri's mental health consumers.

March 31, 1998: Recognized for dedicated service to Missouri Senior Citizens.

November 1996: Received Distinguished Legislator Award for outstanding leadership and meritorious service to the Community Colleges of Missouri. Presented by the MCCA.

October 14, 1995: recognition of lengthy outstanding service to the mentally disabled and for improving the quality of life of countless Missourians. Presented by the ARC of Missouri.

September 7, 1995: Award for leadership and support leading to passage of SB 480 and the Commission on the Special Health for psychological and social needs of minority older persons. Presented by Missouri Institute on Minority Aging.

June 13, 1995: Thank You Award presented by Missouri Dental Assistants Association.

March 28, 1995: Recognition Award for maintaining access to health care for residents of Southeast Missouri, for efforts put forth in bringing about the six-county network. Presented by the Southeast Missouri Health Network.

October 31, 1990: Legislative award for outstanding commitment to the health of women in Missouri through enhanced access to mammography screening. Presenting by Missouri Department of Health.

March 1, 1990: Recognized for passage of SB 742 early detection of breast cancer. Presented by Missouri Women's Network.

1994 Award for sponsorship and passage of SB 649: The Geologists Registration Act of 1994. Presented by Association of Engineering and Geologists.

The 1990 Distinguished Alumni Award for Agriculture: Presented by the Southeast Missouri State University Department of Agriculture.

Transportation appreciation award: for support of transportation presented by Pemiscot County Port Authority, Southeast Area Agency on Aging, Bluff Area Transit System, Adult Day Activity Center, Southeast Missouri Transit System.

Awarded recognition for continued commitment to healthy, happy, strong families and for sharing their vision for the future presented by Children's Trust Fund.

Awarded 1994 Spirit of Enterprise Award: For efforts to protect our nation's free enterprise system: Presented by Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

Recognized for dedication and integrity, for serving the many diverse needs of constituents and all Missourians: Presented by Missouri Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

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Created a special underground water district for Southeast Missouri. The "Bootheel of Missouri" has abundant underground water for irrigating crops. This law makes it possible for farmers to monitor and control the quality and quantity of irrigation water and allows the district input to the state water plan development.

Created agricultural research districts for Southeast Missouri. The research districts study problems unique to the region.

Passed the Boll Weevil Eradication Bill. The Act helps farmers join together to uniformly control and eradicate boll weevils.

Passed the purple paint law. This bill allows purple paint to serve as a "no trespass: warning on fence posts, trees and other features on the terrain.

Passed the Soil and Water Districts bill. The bill gives counties south of the Missouri River a third commissioner and an equal voice on the state soil and water districts commission.

Passed the Legislation creating and was Chairman of the Joint Commission on Wetlands. The Joint Committee was created to provide relief guidance and oversight on state and federal regulations regarding wetlands. The committee has oversight on state wetlands policies for the stated of Missouri.

Established a Budget item in State Budget for a Rice Breeder at Bootheel Education Center and for a Wildlife Specialist and an Aquatic Specialist through Semo University.


1999: Requested federal assistance for agriculture

1999: Requested the federal government to enforce existing anti-trust laws and make other efforts to assist farmers with fair pricing.

2000: Created the Missouri Delta Regional Authority

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SB 944 The Safe Schools Act: Includes and amendment I offered to create an ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) type pilot program using military school methods. This is a voluntary program teaching discipline, patriotism, self-esteem through earned achievements, and builds an unparalleled sense of belonging for troubled young people.

1998 SB 781, The Desegregation Bill: Included my amendment to provide $750,000.00 in additional funds for the Pemiscot County Special School District. The Southeast Missouri special school district is one of only two such districts in the state.

As a rural Senator my support included Capital improvements at Southeast Missouri State University for funding the River Campus, the Robert A. Dempster Hall, Donald L. Harrison College of Business, A.S. J. Carnahan Building, the new Rice Breeder located at the Bootheel Education Center and the Southeast Missouri Reading Recovery Program. In 2000 a wildlife specialist and an aquatic specialist were added at the Bootheel Education Center to help farmers with wildlife damage problems, bacterial infections, disease and other problems in aquatic life.

Economic Development

Accomplished successful passage of legislation to increase funding for local airports.

Successfully Cosponsored the increase for personal income tax exemptions cutting income taxes fairly across the board.

Increased tax cuts using the "circuit breaker" law helping elderly people ease their property tax burden.

Amended private pension tax liability that had been promised because of the "Davis Decision."

Referred, reviewed and promoted grant applications sent to any state department from every town and city in the six counties served.

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Health and Mental Health

In 1991 passed an amendment for tuberculosis screening, which includes prisons and nursing homes so the dangerous disease could be contained and treated.

In 1999 passed legislation to require tuberculosis patients to complete treatment before they return to the community.

In 1997 sponsored and passed HB 600 on Phenylketonuria (PKU). The law calls for screening to detect PKU in order for the disease to be treated in newborns through a special formula. Early treatment prevents mental retardation.

Served on the Joint Committee on Managed Care, Cosponsored managed Care Reform and helped write the legislation. This legislation was a model for the nation in creating patients' rights. Although insurers were paid for coverage in many cases the insured was refused care.

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Early detection of Breast Cancer had reduced deaths from that dreaded disease by 33% or more as a result of my sponsorship and passage of a law requiring offering coverage for breast cancer screenings.

1999 HB 191: Senate sponsor for catastrophic mental health insurance coverage. The bill was the first of its kind in the nation.

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Social Services

Established pilot programs for "aging in place" and freestanding Alzheimer facilities.

Passed SB 211, The Missouri Family Trust Act improving the ability of families to care for their retarded and disabled children.

Sponsored and passed the law creating the "Shared Care Program" which includes $500 tax credits for people who care for an elderly or disabled in their homes.

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Natural Resources

In 1994 sponsored and passed SB 649: The Geologists Registration Act.

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Utility Regulation

2000 SB 763 created the Missouri "no-call list." Missourians can now lock out unwanted phone sales and gain greater protection against telemarketing fraud.

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Office Address:
13593 County Rd. 437
Dexter, Missouri 63841
(573) 624-2246
Fax (573) 624-2887