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Constitution and By-laws


The Missouri Democratic Rural Caucus



SECTION 1 – The name of this organization shall be the “Missouri Democratic Rural Caucus.”
SECTION 2 – The Missouri Democratic Rural Caucus may develop an official logo to be prominently displayed on all correspondence, communications, signs, or banners.
SECTION 1 - This organization shall be composed of Democrats who are registered voters and are interested in promoting rural concerns.
SECTION 2 – There shall be elected officers and an Executive Board to assist in governing the Caucus.
SECTION 3 – The state shall be divided into four (4) Quadrants which shall geographically represent the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the state.  The boundaries of the quadrants shall be situated so no county is split between two different Quadrants.  If disproportionate population distribution results from this division, Precincts may be used for division of Jackson County and St. Louis County.
SECTION 1 – The purpose of this organization shall be to promote, publicize, and inform rural needs to the general public, government bodies, agencies, and professional organizations. 
SECTION 2 - This organization may expend funds to promote the purposes of this organization on majority vote of the membership at meetings or between meetings by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
SECTION 3 – Public actions or statements may be made in the name of the organization with a majority vote of those members attending meetings or of the Executive Board.
SECTION 1 – The elected officers of this organization shall be Caucus Chair, Caucus Vice Chair, Caucus Secretary, and Caucus Treasurer.
SECTION 2 – The immediate past Caucus Chair of the organization shall be a member of the Executive Board for one term. The Caucus Chair may appoint up to 10 former officers as an ex officio cadre to assist in operations of the Caucus.
SECTION 3 – A Parliamentarian and an Auditor shall be appointed by the Caucus Chair.  The Parliamentarian and the Auditor may be appointed for succeeding terms.
SECTION 1- The Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present, provided the proposed amendments were submitted in writing to the Caucus membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the vote and may be amended at any regular meeting without previous notice by a unanimous vote.
SECTION 1- The term “biennial year” shall refer to each odd numbered year.  This definition shall include “biennially” and other such variations on this word.






SECTION 1 - The fiscal year shall commence January 1 and shall end December 31.
SECTION 1 - The annual meeting shall occur on the same date as the first state committee meeting occurring after January 1.  The Caucus Chair and the Executive Board shall set the time of the meeting.
SECTION 1 – A simple majority of members present shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 2 – A simple majority of officers present shall constitute a quorum for an Executive Board Meeting.

SECTION 3 - Every dues paying member is entitled to one vote.

SECTION 4 - This organization shall be affiliated with the Missouri State Democratic Party.
SECTION 1 – A nominating committee of three (3) members shall be appointed by the Caucus Chair at the meeting held prior to the Annual Democratic State Committee Meeting in the biennial year.  The nominating committee shall nominate the Caucus officers from names of the Quadrant Officers submitted to the committee.  Quadrants shall organize and elect officers prior to said annual meeting.

SECTION 2 – All Caucus Officers shall be elected biennially at the April meeting in odd numbered years.  No officer shall succeed himself/herself except when qualified candidates are not provided by the nominating committee or appointed to a vacancy.

SECTION 3 – The election and installation of officers shall be held at the organization’s biennial meeting.

SECTION 4 - No person shall be eligible to hold an elective office who is not a legal voter of the State of Missouri and a member of the Missouri Democratic Party.

SECTION 5 – A vacancy may be declared when an officer is absent from two consecutive meetings or in the case of a resignation or death.  The Executive Board shall fill vacancies by appointment of a person who shall serve the remaining term of office.  Being appointed as an officer to fill an unexpired term of an elected officer shall not disqualify that appointed officer from succeeding himself/herself in that office for one elected term.
SECTION 1 – The Caucus Chair shall be the chief executive officer and general manager of the Caucus and the Executive Board. The Caucus Chair shall appoint a Parliamentarian, an Auditor, and chairs of such special committees as occasion shall demand. The Caucus Chair will perform all duties incident to the office of the Caucus Chair.
SECTION 2 – The Caucus Vice Chair shall assist the Caucus Chair in carrying out the business of the Caucus and, in the absence of the Caucus Chair, shall conduct any meetings as Acting Chair.  If the office of Caucus Chair is vacated by reason of resignation, incapacitation, or death of the person holding the office, the Caucus Vice Chair shall become Caucus Chair.
SECTION 3 – The Caucus Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and be custodian of all official documents of the Caucus except those rightfully belonging to the offices of Caucus Chair and Caucus Treasurer. A copy of the minutes of the previous meeting shall be distributed prior to the next meeting by Email, at the next meeting, or both.  At the end of a term of office, the outgoing Caucus Secretary shall deliver to the newly elected Caucus Secretary all records of the office thereto pertaining.  The records of the Caucus shall include any and all minutes, copies of incoming and outgoing correspondence of the organization, the corporate books, and the corporate seal.  The Caucus Secretary shall prepare and file the annual report and any other reports as may be required by the federal and state governments.
SECTION 4 - The Auditor shall be appointed by the Caucus Chair and shall take custody of and audit the Caucus Treasurer’s books 15 days prior to the election of officers.  After the election of officers, the Auditor shall deliver the audited books to the new Caucus Treasurer.
SECTION 5 – The Caucus Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all financial transactions of the Caucus. The Caucus Treasurer shall pay bills only as approved by the Caucus Chair and make a report of all receipts and disbursements at each meeting. The Caucus Treasurer shall close the books 15 days before the election of officers and shall deliver the books to the Auditor.
SECTION 6 - Standing and special committees shall promote the good of the Caucus and shall be appointed by the Caucus Chair.  The duties of these committees shall be such as implied by their respective titles and shall be as assigned them by the Chair.  Each appointed Committee Chair person may appoint a co-chair person to serve in specific areas as deemed necessary.
SECTION 7 – The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Caucus Chair and shall direct all parliamentary matters of the Caucus and the Executive Board. The Parliamentarian will attend all meetings, advise on compliance with this Caucus's rules including the Caucus Constitution and By-Laws, and will be guided by the most current Roberts’ Rules of Order in procedure matters not covered in the Caucus Constitution and By-Laws.
SECTION 8 – The Quadrants of the state shall be called Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest Quadrant.  The Quadrants shall conduct elections prior to the appointment of the Caucus Biennial Nominating Committee.  Each Quadrant shall elect officers to include:  Quadrant Chair, Quadrant Vice Chair, Quadrant Secretary, and Quadrant Treasurer. 

  1. Each Quadrant Chair and Quadrant Vice Chair shall be a member of the Executive Board. 
  2. The names of the newly elected Quadrant Officers shall be submitted to the Caucus Secretary. 
  3. The Caucus Secretary shall provide a list of the Quadrant Officers for the Biennial Nominating Committee with the names to be considered for nomination to be Caucus Chair.
  4. Should no one from the Quadrant Officers agree to being nominated to the office of Caucus Chair, the Biennial Nominating Committee may:
    1. Ask for the consent of and, upon getting the same, put forward the name of the current Caucus Chair to be nominated for a term of succession to the office; or
    2. Nominate a candidate from the general membership of the Caucus.

SECTION 9 – The Caucus Secretary and Caucus Treasurer may be selected from the membership at large.
SECTION 1 – The Executive Board shall consist of the following:  the Caucus Chair, the Caucus Vice Chair, the immediate past Caucus Chair, the Quadrant Chairs, the Quadrant Vice Chairs, the Caucus Secretary, and the Caucus Treasurer.  The Executive Board shall assist the Chair in general supervision of the affairs of the Caucus.

SECTION 1 – Members shall pay annual dues of fifteen dollars ($15.00). 

  1. The Caucus Treasurer shall deposit ten dollars ($10.00) to the general fund of the Caucus Treasury.
  2. The remaining five dollars ($5.00) shall be forwarded to the member’s Quadrant Treasurer.

SECTION 1 - The Missouri Democratic Rural Caucus shall follow existing law governing not-for-profit corporations in the State of Missouri and shall follow the Constitution and other laws of the United States of America and of the State of Missouri thereto pertaining.

  1. The Caucus shall follow current laws as they shall pertain to not-for-profit corporations in business matters and political campaigns.
  2. The Caucus shall be aware of the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) authority, the statutes thereto pertaining in matters of campaign finance, and in-kind services with regard to the actions of the Caucus.
  3. The actions of the Caucus shall be in compliance with the laws pertaining to corporations and ethics Issues of the entities in Subsection 1 and Subsection 2 above.

SECTION 1 – The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present, provided the proposed amendments were submitted in writing to the Caucus membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the vote and may be amended at any regular meeting without previous notice by a unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted and adopted

This 30th day of July, 2011