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Consumer Information

The contact information for the agencies listed below includes, agency name, contact person, physical and mailing addresses, phone, fax, email and websites (where available). Offices that are local for that county are included. The agency names provided here are generalized in order to give you an idea of the type of information you will find in the Directory.

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All Counties
Nutrition Programs
Outreach Clinics
Treatment Centers
General Nutrition Center
Crisis Centers
Public Defender
Community Service Commissions
Volunteer Agencies
Better Business Bureau
Citizen Information Center
Public Service Commission
Women's Services
Transportation Services
Census Data Center
Red Cross
Conservation & Development
Soil and Water Conservation District
Federal and State Offices and Agencies
Division of Family Services & Division of Youth Services
Action Agencies
Farm Service
Highway Department
Highway Patrol
Driver Examination Station
Missouri Career Centers
Human Rights
Employment Security
Services for the disabled
Senior Citizens Independent Living- Info
Health Offices
Outreach & Extension
Veterans Services

Over 25 Seperate Agencies are included in the Consumer information section.



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