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State Symbols Quiz

Guess the answer then select the picture to learn if you are correct!

What is . . .

Great Seal of Missouri
The Great Seal of Missouri?

The State American Folk Dance
The State American Folk Dance?

The State Animal
The State Animal?

The State Aquatic Animal
The State Aquatic Animal?

The State Bird
The State Bird?

The State Fossil
The State Fossil?

The State Flag
The State Flag?

The State Musical Instrument
The State Musical Instrument?

The State Insect
The State Insect?

The State Tree
The State Tree?

The State Floral Emblem
The State Floral Emblem?

The State Fish
The State Fish?

The State Rock
The State Rock?

The State Song
The State Song?

The State Mineral
The State Mineral?

The State Tree Nut
The State Tree Nut?

Missouri's Sate Capitol
Missouri's State Capitol?

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