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Sunny Hill Farm


Hay, Produce, Corn,
Wheat & SoyBean

13593 CR 437, Dexter, MO 63841
1-573-624-5342, fax: 1-573-624-2887

 Fescue Hay, Round Bales - 4' x 5'
 Native Grass Hay
 (Caucasian Bluestem,  Big Bluestem & Switch Grass )
Contracting Now for Hay- CALL -573-624-2246

Fescue Hay, Square Bales, wire tied, approx. 65# - SOLD OUT
 Native Grass Hay
 (Caucasian Bluestem,  Big Bluestem & Switch Grass )



Wheat grain is a staple food used to make flour for leavened, flat and steamed breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, breakfast cereal, pasta, noodles, and couscous and for fermentation to make beer, alcohol, vodka, or biofuel. Wheat is planted to a limited extent as a forage crop for livestock, and the straw can be used as fodder for livestock or as a construction material for roofing thatch.


The soybean is a species of legume native to East Asia. The plant is classed as an oilseed rather than a pulse. It is an annual plant that has been used in China for 5,000 years to primarily add nitrogen into the soil as part of crop rotation. The plant is sometimes referred to as greater bean (China) or edamame (Japan), though the latter is more commonly used in English when referring to a specific dish.
Fat-free (defatted) soybean meal is a primary, relatively low-cost, source of protein for animal feeds or rations; soy vegetable oil is another valuable product of processing the soybean crop. Soybean products such as TVP (textured vegetable protein), for example, are important ingredients in many meat and dairy analogues. Soybeans are also used to make soy sauce, and the oil is used in many industrial applications. The main producers of soy are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China and India.


Open Pollinated Corn

“Open Pollinated”  is a horticultural term meaning that the plant will produce seeds naturally. When these seeds are planted they will reliably reproduce the same plant as the parent. On the other hand, hybrid corn is the result of controlled pollination of inbred plants. These seeds are often sterile, and if they do germinate, will not reliably produce the same plant as the parent.

Purple Top Turnips

Blackberries   Grapes

  Raspberries Blueberries

Wheat and soy bean crops are grown and harvested each year and some of the fruit
have been picked and froozen for off season enjoyment.
Contact us for availability:-573-624-2246